What is mobile car detailing ?

Mobile car detailing is a service where our professional team comes to your location to thoroughly clean, restore, and protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior. It’s a convenient way to get your car looking its best without having to drive to a physical location.

How does mobile car detailing work ?

With Wash Mate’s mobile car detailing service, you can schedule an appointment online or by calling us. Our team will arrive at your designated location with all the necessary equipment and supplies. We’ll then proceed to clean, scrub, and protect your vehicle using professional-grade products and techniques.

What services does Wash Mate offer for mobile car detailing?

Wash Mate offers a comprehensive range of mobile car detailing services, including exterior wash and wax, paint correction, interior vacuuming and detailing, leather and upholstery cleaning, headlight restoration, and more. You can find detailed information about our services on our website.

How long does a typical mobile car detailing service from Wash Mate take?

The duration of our mobile car detailing service depends on the size of your vehicle, the level of detailing required, and any additional services you request. On average, it can take anywhere from one to four hours. We strive to provide efficient and thorough service to ensure your satisfaction.

How often should I get my car detailed by Wash Mate?

The frequency of detailing depends on various factors such as your driving habits, environmental conditions, and personal preference. As a general guideline, we recommend getting your car detailed at least twice a year to maintain its appearance and preserve its condition. However, we can tailor a detailing schedule to meet your specific needs.